Online 3min spot following the full life-cycle of the iconic bottle – from factory to fridge.


Coca-Cola Enterprises are the business behind the brand – responsible for getting their drinks to over 170m consumers

across Western Europe.


Produced for the launch of their new website the client was after an original film that showcased what they do best – world-class manufacturing & distribution of one of the most famous drinks in the world.

'Happiness, bottled' – UK


For the UK audience we added a narrative with interviews from the people that work in the

Coca-Cola Factories.


The result was a collection of authentic sound bites that told their individual stories from their own perspectives.


What was obvious from everyone we spoke to was the genuine sense of pride they have in their jobs – which really comes across in the final film.

'Happiness, bottled' – Social


15 second social edit for Coca-Cola Enterprises' Instagram feed, with a focus on the lush sound design of the machines.


CLIENT Coca-Cola Enterprises | AGENCY Head

DIRECTOR Aneil Karia | DP Vanessa Whyte


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